Purpose and Values

Purpose and Values

Since its inception Australis has been clear as to its purpose, which was:

“To identify and secure entry into undervalued upstream opportunities and is to realise material value on behalf of shareholders through the disciplined use of capital whilst protecting the safety of those who work for us and the environment in which we operate”. 

Whilst our strategy has adapted to market conditions, the Board, staff and contractors of Australis have remained focused and resolute on delivery of this purpose.

The way in which Australis pursues that purpose is defined by a set of values that encapsulate the culture, ethics and standards which the Company upholds.  Whilst the principles have been well understood and followed internally, the Board has explicitly defined those values as follows:

  • Generate an entrepreneurial culture that values collaboration, accountability and initiative from all employees and contractors
  • Respect our stakeholders by communicating with clarity and honesty at all times
  • Seek out opportunities to make positive impacts on the local communities within which we operate


The Board of Australis is committed to ensuring that purpose and values continue to be evolve based on communication and feedback from employees and stakeholders and that the resultant culture is reinforced through all levels of the organisation.